Explore Cheaha State Park This Season

A young mixed race woman carries her one year old daughter on her back in an ergonomic baby carrier while out on a hike with her senior mother. The multi-generation family is staying active and healthy outdoors in Oregon.
Fall is a magical time of the year. In addition to cooler temperatures, the leaves on trees transform into gorgeous colors. This is also an ideal season to see an abundance of wildlife. Whether you live in Alabama or plan to visit, Cheaha State Park is a great place for... [read more]

Go Off-Road In The Rugged 2023 Honda CR-V

2023 CR-V
For a lot of people, going off-road is both thrilling and relaxing. If you enjoy this kind of activity, it’s important to drive something that you trust. The last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. The 2023 Honda CR-V is more than capable of... [read more]

Take On Black Friday Shopping With These Tips

Everyone knows that Black Friday is the ideal time to shop. However, you’re not the only one looking for the best products at the lowest prices. Unfortunately, some shoppers get rowdy, which you want to avoid. This year, make Black Friday a fun experience. To do that, consider these five... [read more]

Slow Cooker Meals For Your Busy Life

A lot of people use their slow cooker all year round, but it’s especially great in the fall. People who have busy lives depend on this method of cooking. You can toss ingredients in the slow cooker before leaving for work and then come home to a meal ready to... [read more]

Have A Girl’s Day Making Candles At Paddywax

Attaching candle wick into a jar, candles making. Woman hand making candle. Flatlay, top view. Blue background
If you’re like many people in Birmingham, AL, you’re always looking for new activities to enjoy. It’s fun to try something unique and different. For example, a good choice is to check out candle-making at Paddywax. If you’ve never made candles before, you’re in for an exciting adventure. You will... [read more]