Have A Girl’s Day Making Candles At Paddywax

Attaching candle wick into a jar, candles making. Woman hand making candle. Flatlay, top view. Blue background
If you’re like many people in Birmingham, AL, you’re always looking for new activities to enjoy. It’s fun to try something unique and different. For example, a good choice is to check out candle-making at Paddywax. If you’ve never made candles before, you’re in for an exciting adventure. You will... [read more]

Get A Maintenance Routine For Your Car

Oil change - fill up with new oil
It’s probably hard to imagine living without a reliable car. If you’re like most people in Birmingham, you depend on a vehicle virtually every day for work, family, and personal needs. However, if you don’t pay close attention to your car’s well-being, you could soon discover that it’s having performance... [read more]

Enjoy These 10 Tips On How To Decorate For Fall

Thanksgiving / Fall Front Door Decoration
The changing of the season from summer to fall brings new sights, sounds, and smells. An explosion of color gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate differently. Now is a good time to begin your fall decoration. You can follow some helpful techniques to make your home fun and festive. Bittersweet... [read more]

Take Your Furry Friends To Railroad Park This Weekend

Dog at the park
As a dog owner, you surely love being with your furry companion. For example, you no doubt set aside playtime and exercise time for your dog. The next time you want to find a new place to let your dog run around, Railroad Park is the place to choose. There... [read more]

Enjoy Some Pasta At GianMarco’s

seafood linguini
Since 2003, Birmingham locals have flocked to the authentic flavors at GianMarco’s in the Homewood neighborhood. Giovanni, Giani, and Marco Respinto, the owners of GianMarco’s, strongly believe in serving fresh, high-quality Italian dishes. And as Alabamians, they also love serving regionally inspired dishes like grouper and andouille sausage. But if... [read more]