Venture To Alabama Adventure This Season

Venture To Alabama Adventure This Season
Do you want to spend your summer on thrilling rides and wet and wild slides? You can have both experiences at Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure in Bessemer, AL. This is one of the best theme parks in the South, and it’s also super affordable. You can pick up a... [read more]

Quench Your Thirst With These Lemonades

Two glasses of lemonade with mint and lemon on a wooden tray with rural background
As you know, it’s important to drink a lot of water during the summer to keep your body hydrated. However, you can also drink lemonade that you make at home using fresh lemons. Here’s a fantastic recipe that your entire family will love. Even better, you can use this recipe... [read more]

What You Need In Your Summer Vehicle Emergency Kit

A set of automotive accessories. Spare wheel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency warning triangle, jack, tow rope, wheel wrench, pump. Objects isolated on white background. 3d
For safety purposes, you should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter months. And you’ll want to do this in the summer as well. After all, you never know when you might face a challenging situation. Regardless of where you live, an emergency kit can come in handy... [read more]

Enjoy The Baked Goods At The Continental Bakery

Four sourdough bread loaves in a baking tray handmade just baked fresh
If you’re craving freshly baked bread, donuts, and pastries, you could visit any number of shops in Birmingham, Alabama. However, if you want the best variety made with quality ingredients, there’s just one place to go. The Continental Bakery is where people from near and far go for the yummiest... [read more]

How To Celebrate Your Graduate

Graduation party table
After completing all the required studies, your child finally walks the stage to receive a high school diploma. With that out of the way, it’s time to celebrate this milestone in their life. If you’re stumped for ideas, consider some of these. Take It Outside If the weather cooperates, have a party... [read more]