Find an Air Freshener to Fit Your Car

Car air freshener mounted to ventilation panel.
One of the best things about driving off in your brand-new car is the new car smell. And many people try hard to keep that smell going for as long as possible. But eventually, the smell fades, and sometimes the scents that replace it aren’t so good. Learn how you... [read more]

Get Your Home Prepared For Fall With These DIY Crafts

fall home decorations
Cooler weather and changing leaves mean fall is on the way. Decorating your home in Birmingham, AL, for the season with original crafts is fun. When you create DIY decorations for fall, you get unique décor that you can customize to match your home and tastes. So, get your home... [read more]

Prepare For Game-Day Parties With These Recipes

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers on a Plate
Fall means that many sports are back on the calendar. If you’re a sports fan, game days are a great reason to have a party with friends and family in Birmingham, AL. Undoubtedly, you can make your party better with delicious snacks and food. But nobody wants to spend all... [read more]

Use Simple Ingredients To Cook Something Special

Chocolate Pot De Creme or Custard
Cooking does not always need flashy ingredients or skills to make something special. Sometimes, cooking with simple ingredients to make dishes that are not overly complicated is what makes the moment special. If you are looking to make a moment special or celebrate a special moment, Allrecipes, Adán Medrano, and... [read more]

Prevent The Sun From Damaging Your Vehicle

hands of car driver on steering wheel, road trip
The sun is the ultimate source of life, but it is also a source of damage. While the sun can burn your skin, did you also know that it can damage your car, specifically the paint job? Just how you protect your skin from the sun, NAPA has some tips... [read more]