Get Yourself A New Set Of Wheels At Cahaba Cycles

Bicycle shop consulting - salesman and customer in conversation

Have you ever bought a bicycle from a department store? If so, you probably agree that department stores offer a less-than-ideal bike shopping experience. First, department stores are limited in their selection. The stores aren’t staffed with experienced cyclists making matters worse, so a team member can’t help you choose the right one. That’s why you should skip the department store and head straight to Cahaba Cycles in Birmingham if you’re in the market for a new bike. The independently owned bike store has a massive inventory and a knowledgeable staff. Learn more about Cahaba Cycles and head over when ready for a new bicycle.

Find the Right Bike for Your Cycling Style

While your local department store has a few road and mountain bikes, Cahaba Cycles has everything you could dream of and a little more. Along with the standards, you can find electric and hybrid bikes here. Oh, and Cahaba Cycles even carries comfort bikes if you want to peddle around and enjoy the fresh air without struggling. Sure, you’ll put in a little more effort than you would on an electric bike, but comfort bikes make riding fun and easy.

You can even find an assortment of affordable bikes here. The bike shop often runs deals, and you can pick up used bikes at any time.

Get a Professional Fitting

Riding a bike that’s too big or too small isn’t just uncomfortable. It can be dangerous. Fortunately, Cahaba Cycles offers professional bike fit services for novice and expert cyclers. Basic sizing is free, but you can purchase a more robust package if you want something more advanced. For instance, the staff can provide a comprehensive body or flex fit for you. They can even do a pedal analysis to ensure the pedal cleats are perfectly aligned for your feet. While these services cost extra, you’ll avoid a lot of frustration by spending a little bit of money.

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Go for a Test Ride

Going on a test ride isn’t easy when purchasing a bike from a department store. You might try to ride down an aisle or two, but you can’t really get a good feel for the bike. When you go to Cahaba Cycles, you can take the bikes out for a spin before buying one. That’s the best way to know if a bike is right for you, so take advantage of this.

Whether you’re about to buy your first bike or you’re a cycling pro, Cahaba Cycles is the place for you. Stop by today to discuss your needs with the staff and find your perfect bike.

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