How To Show Love To Your Valentine


Valentine’s Day is well on its way. That means love is in the air. Flowers. Chocolates. Greetings with messages of love. And don’t forget romantic dinners. But there are many other ways a couple can enjoy time together. Here are a few ideas in case you want to know how to show love to your Valentine even more.

Make Fondue

When a couple cooks together it can be a very fun bonding experience, and fondue is a great choice for when you get into the kitchen. You can go with cheese, chocolate – whatever you want. Just don’t let the mood go sour when it’s time to decide who cleans up.

Workout Together

Getting your blood pumping can really exhilarate you on Valentine’s Day. When those endorphins kick in, you should both be feeling great.

Be A Tourist

Here in Birmingham, Alabama, there are plenty of things to do as a tourist, so if you want to have a little staycation for the day you live in the perfect city for it. Enjoy museums? Consider the Birmingham Museum of Art, Civil Rights Institute, Sloss Furnaces Historic Landmark, Vulcan Park, Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum, among many others. Want to stay outside? Stroll along the Rotary Trail, Railroad Park, Birmingham Zoo, Botanical Gardens, or Citywalk. Plus, there are several beautiful theatres in the city. The Alabama Theatre will show Casablanca on February 14.

Head To The Pelham Ice Rink

Take your sweetheart to the ice rink in Pelham for some skating. It doesn’t matter your skill level. Grab something hot to drink when you’re finished.

Go On A Hike

Exploring the wilderness can be a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day and there are several places with lots of trails in the Birmingham area. Consider visiting Oak Mountain State Park, Red Mountain Park, Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve, or Moss Rock Preserve, among others.

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Enjoy Breakfast In Bed

It can be really special to enjoy breakfast in bed, particularly when you cook up something special. And if a few crumbs spill, eh, it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about it.


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