Beat Cabin Fever With These Kid-Friendly Activities

After spending several days cooped up inside with your family, you might find that your stockpile of "rainy-day activities" has run out. Don't worry – we're sharing a few kid-friendly ideas from Good Housekeeping that you can use to spread happiness and chase away boredom. Next time cabin fever starts... [read more]

Amp Up Your Morning At Bandit Patisserie In Homewood!

Looking for a sweet cafe to start your day? Grab a pastry, coffee, and a table in the sun at Bandit Patisserie in Homewood! Eat At Bandit The moment you step through the dark wooden door under the white and blue awning you'll be greeted by the smell of fresh, buttery baked... [read more]

Come On Down To The Price Is Right Live!

The flashy, prize-studded game show The Price Is Right has been a TV staple for decades, and now a live, interactive version of the game is on its way to Birmingham. If you’ve ever pictured yourself heading down to the glittering stage to complete for those fabulous prizes, you might... [read more]

Spring Cleaning With The Kids

spring cleaning with kids
If you're starting to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling some spring cleaning with your kiddos, check out these tips for manageable ways to clean up with the little ones. Start Small Kate Varnass of Green Light Organizing suggests focusing on the areas that will have the biggest effect, such as... [read more]

Check Out The Birmingham Tech + Art Showcase

art + tech
Birmingham is full of markets and fairs where artisans can showcase their work. Mark your calendars for the next one, which is the Birmingham Tech + Art Showcase on March 7, 2020. 2020 Birmingham Tech + Art Showcase The Birmingham Tech + Art Showcase aims to combine the beautiful, authentic expression of... [read more]