Upcoming Events at The Lyric Theatre in Birmingham

The Lyric
Does it seem like, even though you’re always looking for something to do, you never find anything? Well, that’s about to change. The Lyric is the happening place to be in April: It’s full of events that will keep you entertained all month long. From seeing a cast member of... [read more]

Have You Taken a Ride on Birmingham Pedal Tours Yet?

Birmingham Pedal Tours
Sure, you drive around Birmingham all the time. Whether you’re going to work, to school, or just driving around town, you’ve probably seen a lot of the city. But that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the complete Birmingham experience. So, how do you see the city in a new way? That’s... [read more]

What to Expect When You Go to Topgolf in Birmingham

You’ve probably heard people talk about Topgolf in Birmingham. This facility lets you play golf with your friends without all that walking around you have to do at the golf course. You hit microchipped balls at a target, and the closer you get, the more points you score. Since this... [read more]

Get Ready for Tour de Brewers: St. Patrick’s Day 2018

Tour de Brewers
Most races are formal events where everyone fights to win. Tour de Brewers XII is the opposite. This informal run/ride isn’t about winning. It’s about drinking beer, discovering new parts of Birmingham, and having fun. There’s so much beer and fun involved that it makes sense it’s on St. Paddy’s... [read more]