What to Expect When You Go to Topgolf in Birmingham

You’ve probably heard people talk about Topgolf in Birmingham. This facility lets you play golf with your friends without all that walking around you have to do at the golf course. You hit microchipped balls at a target, and the closer you get, the more points you score. Since this... [read more]

Get Ready for Tour de Brewers: St. Patrick’s Day 2018

Tour de Brewers
Most races are formal events where everyone fights to win. Tour de Brewers XII is the opposite. This informal run/ride isn’t about winning. It’s about drinking beer, discovering new parts of Birmingham, and having fun. There’s so much beer and fun involved that it makes sense it’s on St. Paddy’s... [read more]

Prepare Your Honda Lawn Mower for the Warmer Months

Honda lawn mower
Pretty soon, the weather outdoors will be warming up. You know what that means - your grass will begin to grow at a rapid pace once again, and it will be in dire need of attention. So, get a head start on your lawn maintenance now before it gets out... [read more]

Accessories for Your Honda Pump

Honda Pump WX10
Does your Honda pump require new parts or accessories? Spruce your equipment up a bit with a visit to Brannon Honda in Birmingham, AL. We've got everything that you need to take your pump to the next level. Couplers and Adaptors Connect a Honda hose to your Honda pump using couplers and... [read more]

Tickets Are on Sale for Disney’s “The Lion King”

The Lion King
Everybody loves Disney’s “The Lion King.” It’s a classic, and almost everyone has seen the movie. But what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s actually even better when you see it live in theater. Now you have the chance to find out for yourself when you see... [read more]