How To Celebrate Your Graduate

After completing all the required studies, your child finally walks the stage to receive a high school diploma. With that out of the way, it’s time to celebrate this milestone in their life. If you’re stumped for ideas, consider some of these.

Take It Outside

If the weather cooperates, have a party with family members and friends outside. For one thing, that will give you more space, which equates to a larger gathering. For another, there’s less mess to deal with once everyone leaves. You can set up tables for food and beverages, rent chairs, and hang twinkling lights from the trees.

A Unique Guestbook

As part of your kid’s high school graduation celebration, you want to remember every detail possible. That includes the names of everyone who came to celebrate with you. To accomplish that, you’ll need a guestbook that everyone signs.

Instead of an ordinary guestbook, order one that’s personalized. Even better, you can buy one that looks like a vinyl record printed with the year on it.

Beach Party

If you live near the beach or perhaps a lake, you could hold your child’s graduation party there. Not only is that a great place to barbecue but also to play games and swim. To make it more fun, bring giant blowup floaties.

Illuminated Send-off

Have you ever watched someone release a sky lantern? The soft glow is almost magical. You could do this in combination with another event or as the big send-off. Either way, your guests would love to release lanterns in the sky.

Taco Truck

Instead of spending time and money to have your celebration catered, why not hire a local taco truck? If preferred, you could choose a traditional food truck that serves hot dogs, burgers, Philly steak sandwiches, and so on. Regardless, this is a great way to offer everyone something delicious to eat without it costing much.

Park Venue

More than likely, you have several public parks close to where you live. Instead of hosting a graduation celebration in your backyard, you could have everyone meet at the park. Make sure it’s spacious, safe, and well-lit if you want to get together at night. Also, choose a park with barbecue grills and tables.

Movie Marathon

Here’s another great way to celebrate your child’s high school graduation. Instead of hosting a BBQ in your backyard, have a “movie night.” If you don’t have a projector, you can rent one. Then, select several movies that everyone will like.

Along with a projector, you’ll need blankets, sheets, or comforters for people to relax on. In addition, don’t forget popcorn and cold beverages.

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Smile and Say Cheese

For a celebration in a private home or at a public venue, you could order a photo booth. First, your family members will have a blast taking silly pictures. Second, this allows your child to snap photos with their closest friends. That way, if they separate due to college or work, they’ll have them to remember all the fun.

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