Hike Your Way Around Birmingham With The Best Shoes!

Hiking in Autumn Forest on a narrow Path
If you're in need of new hiking footwear, you might feel daunted by the sheer number of choices available to you! Check out some of these popular hiking boots and hiking shoes for your Birmingham hikes! Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes Depending on the kind of hiking that you do, you'll either... [read more]

Tips For Keeping Your Car Pollen Free!

Pollen on car
Springtime comes with many joys like warmer weather, blooming trees, the return of Pepper Place's outdoor farmer's market, and so much more. However, it also comes with a big dose of pollen, which affects your car as well as your seasonal allergies. Thankfully, keeping this yellow powder off of your... [read more]

Patio Dining Options Are Endless In Birmingham!

Color image depicting chairs and tables arranged at an outdoors cafe in central London, UK. It is a beautiful green space lined with trees and illuminated with fairy lights. There are bowls of sugar on the tables, but there are no people around.
Spring has officially sprung here in Birmingham, and the warm weather means that outdoor patio dining will be more temperate and enjoyable than ever. (As long as you can bear the pollen!) Over 100 Birmingham restaurants and eateries have outdoor space open this year, so make plans to enjoy one... [read more]

Give Your Patio Life With One Of These Small Trees

Photo of young woman and her pet enjoying together on the balcony of their loft apartment
Now that the weather is finally warming up a little bit, it’s time to get your patio back into shape. Uncover the seating area and bring out the spring décor. If you’re looking for something to add to your patio space, consider choosing a small tree that can be grown... [read more]

Celebrate Spring With These Fun Floral Crafts

Female artist working in studio
Celebrate spring and all of the beautiful flowers that come into bloom during it with the help of these crafts. All of these flower crafts are kid-friendly with an adult’s assistance. Let your kid’s imagination run wild today with the help of these adorable and colorful crafts inspired by spring. Folded... [read more]