Hosting A Halloween Party? Try Making These Spooky Snacks!

During the month of October, there’s one thing on every kids’ mind – Halloween. Fortunately, the holiday doesn’t come until the very end of the month. This means that you have the entire month to plan a Halloween-themed party, find the perfect costume, and of course, get some tasty goodies... [read more]

Get Your Yard Ready For Fall With A Honda Lawn Mower

Let’s face it – yardwork is a necessary evil. Not all yard work, though. For some, planting a garden, trimming hedges, or planting flowers is a fun hobby. To others, not so much. There’s also the yard work that isn’t much fun at all – mowing the lawn, weed eating,... [read more]

Grab Some Pho In The Area

As the fall and winter months slowly enter our lives, you’re probably wanting to stay warm any way you can. If you’re an Alabama resident, you know how the weather can change on a dime. In one minute, there can be rays of sunshine, but the next it can be... [read more]

Come Out To The Cahaba River Fry-Down

Cahaba River Fry-Down
When it comes to festivals and events, the city of Birmingham provides a wide variety for people to attend. Known as the Magic City, Birmingham certainly brings the magic when it allows its residents and surrounding communities to take part in the many festivals and activities. So, if you enjoy... [read more]

Useful Generator Accessories

Generators are quite powerful tools. For starters, you’ll want one to help power your automobile or just in case the power goes out at your house during a storm. They have a variety of uses and can help you in emergencies. With generators being such useful tools, you’re going to... [read more]