Useful Generator Accessories

Generators are quite powerful tools. For starters, you’ll want one to help power your automobile or just in case the power goes out at your house during a storm. They have a variety of uses and can help you in emergencies. With generators being such useful tools, you’re going to... [read more]

17th Annual Fiesta Festival

When it comes to Birmingham, Alabama, countless cultures are represented. This diverse city, known as the Magic City, enjoys celebrating a wide array of cultures, usually with numerous festivals. When it comes to Hispanic culture, there are countless Hispanic restaurants spread throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Perhaps you even... [read more]

Saint George Middle Eastern Food Festival 2019

Birmingham, Alabama is an eclectic mix of cultures. The Magic City celebrates diversity through festivals, food, events, and so much more. There are countless unique restaurants spread all throughout the city so those with certain tastes will be able to find the food they seek. It should come as no... [read more]

First Annual Brannon Honda Clearance Countdown

Clearance Countdown
Are YOU as excited about football season as WE are? If you said yes, you've GOT to participate in our very first Brannon Honda Clearance Countdown! We could not be more excited to share all of the details with you, from clearance pricing on 2019 vehicles to a tailgate party... [read more]

Uses For A Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Hedge Trimmer
If you’re searching for a hedge trimmer attachment, look no further than Brannon Honda’s power equipment options. At Brannon Honda, you’ll find a wide array of equipment that will help you with yard work, maintenance, and much more. Below, we take a closer look at the hedge trimmer attachment and... [read more]