Upgrade Your Road Trips With A 2019 Honda Odyssey

2019 Honda Odyssey
Over the years minivans have turned into vehicles that have unbeatable features and are designed with the most room for your penny. The Honda Odyssey has been ranked as one of the top minivans for safety, space, reliability, and comfort for years now. Let’s take a closer look at the... [read more]

Check Out The Best Pizzerias In Town

Friends eating pizza together
Because there are so many other things to love, when you think of Birmingham the last thing that probably comes to mind is pizza. We are here to tell you that is all about to change! The Big 7 Travel, an international foodie and travel digital publication, wrote a piece... [read more]

Check Out These Family-Friendly Parks Around Birmingham, AL

Green lawn with trees in park
Just because you may not be going out that often doesn’t mean you don’t need some fresh air from time to time. If your backyard isn’t cutting it anymore, it may be time to visit some family-friendly parks in Birmingham, Alabama. Getting outside with the family is a great idea.... [read more]

Enjoy Your Next Meal From The Oldest Restaurant In Alabama

Crab Cakes with Lemon and Tartar Sauce
Living in Alabama is pretty special because there’s so much local history in the area. But there are some historical facts that even long-time residents don’t know about. For example, do you know what the oldest restaurant in Alabama is? The chances are you don’t. However, you do have the... [read more]

A Pre-Owned Honda CR-V Is The Car For You

Honda Cr-V
Have you been waiting for a long time to buy your next vehicle? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people wait for months or even years before they buy a car, all because they’re waiting for that perfect timing. Well, guess what? There’s usually no perfect timing. If you... [read more]