Tips for Choosing the Right Honda Tiller

Honda Rear-tine tiller
A bad tiller is like an ill-fitting pair of pants. It can ruin your entire day, and by the time the sun goes down, you’ll want to throw it in the garbage and banish it to the dump. Avoid the tiller blues by picking one that you actually enjoy using.... [read more]

How to Pick the Honda Weed Wacker That Suits Your Needs

Honda weed wacker
There’s a reason there are so many weed wackers on the market. One size and type certainly doesn’t fit all. You have to think about what you need out of your trimmer when making your selection. That way, you will choose a Honda weed wacker that meets your specific needs.... [read more]

Celebrate Father’s Day at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum

Father's Day at Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
Father's Day is a meaningful holiday for families everywhere. If you're planning on celebrating Father's Day in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama, you should head to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. The museum is hosting "Father's Day Limited," an exciting, exhilarating and informative train ride. All About Father's Day Limited If you want... [read more]

Make the Perfect Iced Tea for a Warm Summer Day!

A jug and four glasses of fresh homemade ice tea
A nice, cool glass of ice tea is one of the most refreshing things you can drink during a hot summer day. However, making it right is an art in itself. Do it a just a little incorrectly and it can end up being either too sweet, too bland, or... [read more]

Adopt a Cat on “Hug Your Cat Day”!

Cat adoption Birmingham
June is full of crazy holidays that many people may not know about. One that every crazy cat lady (or crazy cat man) want-a-be should know about is Hug Your Cat Day! Hug Your Cat Day comes around every year on June 4th and if you don’t have a cat…... [read more]