Kayak Vs. Canoe: Which One Is Better For You?

People paddling in a kayak on river.
If you like to get out on the water in a canoe or kayak even a few times a year, you can save money by purchasing your own watercraft, but which should you choose? These questions will help you pick the right vessel for paddling around Alabama! Where Are You Paddling? One... [read more]

Golfing 101: The Basics

Golf ball entering the hole after successful stroke
Are you new to the greens? Golf is a great pastime, whether you are trying it for the first time, or are a natural. Not only is it a great physical activity, but it is a social skill you can enjoy in groups. If you are new to the game... [read more]

Finance Your Next Vehicle With Brannon Honda

Young couple in a car saleman's office signing paperwork for a new car
If you live in Birmingham, Alabama and you are shopping for a Honda, the easy part is finding the vehicle of your dreams, especially with Brannon Honda right around the corner. Quite often, the part of the car-shopping process that keeps drivers from pursuing a new vehicle is securing financing.... [read more]

Kid-Friendly Foods For A Summer Picnic

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs with cheddar cheese
Birmingham has many gorgeous parks where you can have a sweet summer afternoon picnic, and these snacks will satisfy kid and adult appetites alike! Peanut Butter + Fruit Sandwiches In a delicious deviation from the standard jelly, adding slices of fresh fruit to peanut butter sandwiches or toast is a great sandwich... [read more]

Enjoy Some Old-Fashioned BBQ In Birmingham

Messy Pulled Pork Burger with Coleslaw
Nobody does BBQ like Birmingham. You never have to go far to find a great meal in the Magic City, so check out this list of local BBQ joints and pay a visit to these wonderful restaurants! SAW’s BBQ SAW’s BBQ is a beloved Birmingham original, and the enterprise has grown from... [read more]