Birmingham Fine Art Businesses Every Collector Should Know

People in an art gallery looking at artworkFrom world-renowned museums to vibrant art galleries, Birmingham Alabama boasts a robust and growing arts community. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or just getting started, Birmingham offers many great options for businesses that cater to your needs. Here are just a few of the fine art businesses every collector should know about in the Magic City.


Canary Gallery 


First on our list is the Canary Gallery, a space dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging and established artists. With over 2,400 square feet of recently renovated space, the Canary Gallery has all the elements needed to highlight the talent of its resident artists. Whether you’re looking to purchase or just want to drop by and stroll the fantastic works, Libby Pantazis, the Gallery’s owner, welcomes all who appreciate art and design. 

Design Supply Shop

Design Supply is all about the art! Every item in the store has been handpicked by Laura Vogtle to create an eclectic and ever-changing selection that reflects her unique style and taste. Whether you are new to collecting or have been doing it for years, Laura and her team will impress you with their diverse and carefully curated pieces. The Gallery showcases the works of artists all over the United States. 


Grand Bohemian – Mountain Brook 


Art has the power to transport us to different worlds, and the pieces in this Gallery are indeed something special, so take your time and explore. As you step into this one-of-a-kind art gallery in Mountain Brook, let your mind wander as you explore the stories each piece of art tells. You never know where it will take you!


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Bare Hands Gallery 


Bare Hands, Inc. is an arts organization and Gallery devoted to promoting creativity and innovation in Birmingham, Alabama. They achieve this through holding events and festivals throughout the year, one of which is the Día de Los Muertos festival. This event began in 2003 and celebrates the lives of lost loved ones, something that is significant to many cultures around the world.

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