Secrets to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

New Year 2018 Resolution Check List
If you don’t see your New Year’s resolutions through, you are far from alone. Americans love to make resolutions, but following through is another story. Around half of Americans come up with a resolution or two, but only eight percent keep them. What sets that eight percent apart? They know how... [read more]

Ring in the New Year with BirmingJAM

Are you ready for a fun and festive New Years? If you want to have some 21-and-over fun, you have to go to BirmingJAM on the second floor of the Thomas Jefferson Tower. Tickets for the black-tie masquerade start at $75 for discounted general admission and go up to $350 for... [read more]

Practice Generator Safety with These Useful Tips

Manual workers using power generator safety
No matter what you do in Birmingham, Alabama, it is a smart idea to keep a generator on hand. It can be helpful to power your tools on a worksite or keep your home running smoothly in case of a power failure. Or maybe you just want to bring a... [read more]

A Honda Snow Blower is the Perfect Gift for Your Northern Friends

Honda Snow Blower
Although you might not need a Honda snow blower for your property in Birmingham, Alabama, it does make an amazing present for your friends or family who live further north. This is the type of present that will get used over and over again, delivering benefits for years. Best of... [read more]