Bring Your Bike For A Fun Race At The Oak Mtn. Hammies

mountain bike in sunny forest

Has your bike been calling your name ever since the weather started warming up? While you could take it around the block or hit a trail by yourself, that’s not the season debut it deserves. Instead, let the world know you’re ready to pedal with the best of them by participating in the Hamduro at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, AL, on May 18. Affectionally called the “Hammies,” this is the most fun you’ll ever have during a bicycle race. And since it’s only $15 to enter, you can sign up without digging into your biking budget.

You can sign up for the race online. Then head to the top of Camp Road on May 18 to take on the competition. The pedals will start turning at 6 p.m., so get there a little early. First, though, get some more info to see what sets this race apart from other events in the area.

A Bicycle Race with a Little Something Extra

So, first things first. There’s only one way to go when participating in the Hammies, and that direction is downhill. That’s not a knock on the event. Instead, it means you’ll be pedaling (or gliding) down the park’s Lightning Trail during the event. This is a gravity-style event, so get ready to practically fly down the trail on your way to the finish line.

But don’t focus too hard on the finish line since completing the race is only one aspect of the Hammies. See, the organizers include extracurricular activities in each race. For instance, you might need to pop wheelies or navigate the long jump as part of the course. And then there’s the slow bike race. You have to go slow and keep your feet off the ground, and once a toe touches the pavement, you’re out. You never know what the organizers have up their sleeves, so get ready to be entertained and challenged along the course. And at the same time, don’t worry if you mess up during one of the mini-events. If that happens, you can refocus your energy on the finish line and try to come in first.

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Try Your Luck with Post-Race Challenges

You’ll laugh your way to the finish line, and the chuckles could easily continue all the way to your car, but don’t leave yet. Instead, stick around to take part in the post-race challenges. Again, the organizers choose how to challenge participants so you might pop wheelies or showcase another skill. Watching is as fun as participating, so hang out after your turn.

No other bike race brings the fun quite like the Hammies. In fact, this race is such a blast that you won’t even mind if you don’t place. It’ll be as memorable if you get first or last place, so sign up and get ready for a day of thrills, laughter, and more excitement than you’d ever expect in a bike race.

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