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It’s Time to Go High-Tech with the Miimo

Your life is full of high-tech gadgets. You speak into your high-tech phone and send text messages without lifting a finger. You record TV shows using a high-tech DVR and pause live television. You even have a high-tech gadget on your wrist that records all of your activities both in... [read more]

Tips for Choosing the Right Honda Tiller

Honda Rear-tine tiller
A bad tiller is like an ill-fitting pair of pants. It can ruin your entire day, and by the time the sun goes down, you’ll want to throw it in the garbage and banish it to the dump. Avoid the tiller blues by picking one that you actually enjoy using.... [read more]

How to Care for Your Honda Generator

Honda Generator Care
Honda builds products to last, and that includes its popular line of generators. Of course, you can get even more out of your generator if you care for it properly. Check out some tips for caring for your generator so you can increase its life expectancy. Start It Up on a... [read more]

How to Choose a Honda Backup Generator for Your Home

Honda Backup Generator
Are you prepared if the power goes out in your home? If you don’t have a Honda generator to use as a backup power source, your answer is “no.” Don’t just run out and buy a generator, though. Take the time to pick the Honda generator that is right for... [read more]

Choosing the Right Honda Trash Pump for Your Construction Site

Choosing the Right Honda Trash Pump for Your Construction Site
Take a look at the selection of Honda trash pumps, and you will find four different choices. With so many options, you are guaranteed to find one that meets the particular needs for your Birmingham construction site. However, you will need to know what to look for so you can... [read more]