The Leaves Are Falling – Get The Perfect Yard With A Honda Lawn Mower

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There are so many things to love about this time of year: the upcoming holidays, the crisp weather, the leaves changing colors. And while they’re changing colors, the leaves are also dropping quickly, and cluttering up your yard in the process. If you’ve found yourself with a leaf-covered yard, we’ve got a few tips to help you with the cleanup, including why you’ll want to use a Honda mower to get the job done.

Why Remove Fallen Leaves?

Though the leaves are beautiful and they may seem harmless, leaving falls leaves – especially wet leaves – can cause lawn disease. A layer of whole leaves can cause your grass to die, or even cause the roots of your grass to rot if wet leaves are left for too long. This happens because the leaves block sunlight to the grass, so it can’t get the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.

When Should You Remove The Leaves?

If you can’t see the top half of the grass blades, or if they cover more than a third of your yard, it’s a good time to start removing them. If there’s a cold snap that causes the leaves to fall suddenly over a couple of days, you can wait until your lawn is covered in a single layer of leaves for easier cleanup.

Use A Honda Mower

Raking up a whole yard’s worth of leaves is time-consuming, and the repetitive motion may not feel great for your back after a while. This year, mow over dry, fallen leaves with a lawnmower for easier cleanup. If you’re planning to bag your leaves for a community pick up, use the grass catcher attachment to catch and bag the leaves with ease. Otherwise, mowing over the leaves so that they’re chopped into tiny pieces will allow them to compost into the soil, which will actually provide nutrients for your lawn instead of killing it as whole leaves would.

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