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Explore Cheaha State Park This Season

A young mixed race woman carries her one year old daughter on her back in an ergonomic baby carrier while out on a hike with her senior mother. The multi-generation family is staying active and healthy outdoors in Oregon.
Fall is a magical time of the year. In addition to cooler temperatures, the leaves on trees transform into gorgeous colors. This is also an ideal season to see an abundance of wildlife. Whether you live in Alabama or plan to visit, Cheaha State Park is a great place for... [read more]

13 Activities To Do At Oak Mountain This Summer

Women canoeing in the water
Keeping busy during the summer can be challenging, especially if you have little ones.  If you are looking for outdoor activities that will keep you and your family off the couch, Oak Mountain State Park is worth visiting. There are unlimited activities to do at this outdoor space, so here... [read more]

Check Out These Family-Friendly Parks Around Birmingham, AL

Green lawn with trees in park
Just because you may not be going out that often doesn’t mean you don’t need some fresh air from time to time. If your backyard isn’t cutting it anymore, it may be time to visit some family-friendly parks in Birmingham, Alabama. Getting outside with the family is a great idea.... [read more]

Your Next Adventure Awaits At Oak Mountain State Park

Group hiking at a state park.
If you haven’t spent much time in the great outdoors lately, that may be exactly what you feel like doing. But where exactly should you go? Even though there are several spots around the Birmingham area that you could choose from, you should definitely check out Oak Mountain State Park... [read more]

Get Fit At Railroad Park This Summer

Railroad Park
Locals already have plenty of reasons to visit Railroad Park downtown. The beautiful, sprawling outdoor space has been great for refreshing the city’s activity, and it also offers a few ways to benefit your health as well. If you’d like to get out and get fit, you can join a... [read more]