It’s Time to Go High-Tech with the Miimo


Your life is full of high-tech gadgets. You can speak into your high-tech phone and send text messages without lifting a finger. You can record TV shows using a high-tech DVR and pause live television. You might even have a high-tech gadget on your wrist that records all of your activities both in and outside of Birmingham. With so many high-tech options out there, why are you still mowing your lawn with an old-school mower? It’s time to go high-tech with your lawn care by using the Miimo. This mower works for you, so you can get the lawn you want without breaking a sweat.

How It Works

Remember how the Roomba changed the way that people vacuum their carpets? The Miimo is like the Roomba of lawn care. The intelligent robotic mower sets out on its own and clips the lawn without your help. This mower is fully customizable so you can get the type of cut you want. You can even choose from the random, directional, or mixed cutting pattern.

You’re probably wondering about your garden and trees. How does it avoid those obstacles? It has 360-degree awareness so it easily maneuvers around all obstacles.

Fully Autonomous

It sounds great, but you have to stand outside and watch it work, right? Actually, that’s not the case with the Miimo. This system is fully autonomous. You just set it up for specific times and then it gets to work even if you aren’t there. It’s like having your own personal robot assistant, ready to work at any time.

Two Models Available

Honda has unveiled two Miimo models for consumers. The HRM310 is perfect for smaller yards that are up to 0.37 acres. If you have a yard that is up to 0.75 acres, you should go with the HRM520. This beast of a robot easily tackles large patches of land.

Hands Off The Miimo

When you pick up your Miimo, you are going to have the best mower on the block. Your neighbors might get jealous, and one might even get the idea to take it home for him or herself. You don’t need to worry, though, thanks to the anti-theft system. A unique pin has to be entered into the Miimo to work. Plus, if it is lifted up, an alarm sounds.

Do you want to know something else that’s great about the Miimo? The team at Brannon Honda-Power Equipment in Birmingham, Alabama, will set it up for you. When the team gets done, the Miimo will be ready to mow. Then, you can kick back, catch up on those recorded shows on your DVR, or hang out with friends without worrying about your lawn care. Life is a lot more fun when you don’t have to spend time mowing your lawn in the Birmingham heat.