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What Sets a Honda Generator Apart from the Competition

Honda Generator
Whether it is for home, work, or recreation, Honda has the generator for you. A Honda generators is flexible. It can be quiet, reliable, portable, and convenient. See why this equipment has been improving live for years, and will continue for years to come. Efficiency and Fuel Longevity Honda is no stranger... [read more]

Choosing the Right Honda Generator for Your Needs

Camo Honda Generator
Generators are generally applied in one of three categories. One application is being for recreation use that involves boating, tailgating, RV, or camping. A second application is one that involves industrial use such as construction, rental, and other industrial uses. A third application is for home back up use in... [read more]

It’s Time to Go High-Tech with the Miimo

Your life is full of high-tech gadgets. You can speak into your high-tech phone and send text messages without lifting a finger. You can record TV shows using a high-tech DVR and pause live television. You might even have a high-tech gadget on your wrist that records all of your... [read more]

Let Your Honda Trimmers Help You with These Yard Tasks

Most trimmers can only handle basic yard duties, but Honda trimmers can do so much more. These powerful tools were made to handle an assortment of tasks at home and at work. If you’re serious about your yard, a Honda trimmer is a must. Just make sure you get the... [read more]

How to Get Your Honda Lawn Mower Ready for Spring

Mowing the grass
Spring is almost here, which means it’s almost time to start cutting the lawn again. Before you start mowing, you need to get your Honda mower ready. This will ensure that your mower will remain a reliable and powerful piece of equipment that you can use for years to come. Perform... [read more]