Plan A Festive Cinco De Mayo For The Whole Family

mother and daughter working on piñata

Instead of going out to a Cinco De Mayo party this year, how about hosting a family-friendly event at home? Then your kids can join in the celebration while learning a little Mexican history. And even though May 5 is almost here, you still have time to get everything together. Just follow these tips for planning a festive Cinco De Mayo for the whole family, and you’ll be ready in no time.

Build Excitement with Some History

You can get your kids in the Cinco de Mayo spirit by teaching them about Mexico’s culture and history. The internet is full of interesting information, and you can also grab a book or two from the library. After doing some reading, your kids will be just as excited as you are about the party.

Have the Kiddos Decorate

Kids have limitless energy supplies, so put them to use by having them make decorations for the celebration. You can give them art supplies and have them use their imaginations when creating décor or set up some specific crafting projects. If your kids do their best work following a plan, you can find some great ideas on Pinterest. Go to the site and search for “Cinco de Mayo crafts,” and watch your screen fill with projects.

Have Chips and Salsa at the Ready

If you were celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a Mexican restaurant, you’d spend the evening munching on chips and salsa. You might not have a server at home, but you don’t have to go without the good stuff. Instead, put out plenty of chips and salsa so your entire crew can chow down all night long.

Set up a Fajita or Taco Station

It wouldn’t be a Cinco De Mayo celebration without Mexican food, so you’ll also need to plan your menu. Instead of doing a standard sit-down meal, consider setting up a fajita or taco station. Then you can put all the ingredients out and let everyone make their plates.

Now, if you have small children, you might want to put some less spicy options on the menu. If they don’t like Mexican food, you can serve hotdogs and hamburgers to the littlest eaters. Of course, the adults can still get their fill of Mexican cuisine.

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Prepare Games and Activities

The adults might enjoy talking and eating, but the kiddos need more entertainment. With that in mind, set up some games and activities to keep everyone engaged. You can start by busting open a piñata full of goodies and follow that with dancing or another activity. And while you’ll want to set things up in advance, be willing to be flexible when it comes to the entertainment portion of the evening. Kids can jump from one thing to the next, and they might start pulling games out of their bedrooms. It’s OK if things don’t go according to plan, so roll with the changes so you can make positive memories with your family.

Even if you’ve celebrated Cinco de Mayo dozens of times, this one is going to be special. There’s something about including the entire family that levels it up from a fun event to a new tradition. Thus, kick the tradition off on the right foot by taking care of the planning today.

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