National Barbershop Quartet Day! Support The Voices Of The South Next Week

Male a capella trio in suits singing and snapping fingers in front of beige background.

Next Monday is one of those little-known holidays that more people should get excited about — National Barbershop Quartet Day. You can celebrate by re-watching Pitch Perfect for a few laughs and fun tunes. Or, you can check out the Voices of the South as they practice for their next competition. But first, read on to learn more about this unique musical style and its history.

What’s a Barbershop Quartet?

In the traditional sense, a barbershop quartet is a group of four singers who harmonize without an instrumental accompaniment. Today, you may see singing groups as small as four members or as large as 15 or 20. The primary thing that defines these groups as barbershop quartets is the style of music. Although they may have more than four members, they maintain the four-part harmony that quartets were originally known for. The lead will sing the melody, while a tenor and baritone harmonize over a bass line.

Where Did Barbershop Quartets Originate?

They originated right here in the Southeastern United States. Before we had mobile phones or televisions to entertain us, men waiting for a barber would entertain themselves by singing. This pastime was very popular in the 1880s and began to fade by the 1920s. In 1938, the society that would become known as the Barbershop Harmony Society was founded and the musical style experienced a revival. Now the Barbershop Harmony Society hosts events and competitions year-round. Thousands of groups participate in district, national, and international competitions.

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Who are the Voices of the South

The Voices of the South are a men’s singing group located in Birmingham Alabama. They’re also the Central Alabama Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. You can see them perform at local events or the Dixie District of the Barbershop Harmony Society contest. The contest is held twice a year and Voices of the South consistently places in the top ranks. If you would like to join the group or catch one of their rehearsals you can visit them at Saint Mark United Methodist Church where they practice every Monday at 7:00 P.M.

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