Refresh Your Kitchen This Spring With These Tips

Spring cleaning kit with rags, sponges, spray bottle, and scrub brushes

It’s time to tackle your yearly, springtime home refresh. Of course, that means taking on the task of freshening up one of the most used areas in your home — the kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that get the most traffic and the most use. So, here are some tips for getting it clean, organized, and free of clutter for the new season.

The Basics

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of spring cleaning, spruce up the surface areas that you can readily see. It might seem counter-intuitive to clean the surface areas before you start pulling out the contents of your cabinets, freezer, and fridge. But, starting with a clean base will make the rest of your kitchen spring cleaning less stressful.

So, start from the top of your kitchen space and work your way down. Dust your light fixtures, ceiling fans, and clear the top of your cupboards or cabinets. Then move on to the windows and walls. Wipe down all of your common surfaces next. This includes your tables chairs, countertops, and the exteriors of your appliances.

Clean and Organize One Space at a Time

If you plan to pull out the contents of all of your kitchen cabinets and drawers at once, don’t. Instead, go one drawer or cabinet at a time. Empty the contents of the storage space and clean the interior. Then reorganize and purge as you replace the items. Throw away any items that have passed their expiry date. Create a donation box for items that are still edible but you know you and your family won’t eat. If you decide that something belongs in a different area, leave it out until you get to that storage space.

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Save the Fridge for Last

When it comes to cleaning your appliances, it’s best to save your refrigerator for last. Why? Some of the items you discard might be pungent. So, empty your fridge, toss any items that have expired, and take out the garbage before it can fumigate your home. Reorganize your fridge in a way that maximizes the temperature of each area. Store condiments, juice, and dairy products on the door. Fruits and veggies should be moved to the crisper. Also, raw meat should be stored on lower shelves to prevent cross-contamination.

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