Have A Girl’s Day Making Candles At Paddywax

If you’re like many people in Birmingham, AL, you’re always looking for new activities to enjoy. It’s fun to try something unique and different. For example, a good choice is to check out candle-making at Paddywax. If you’ve never made candles before, you’re in for an exciting adventure. You will be able to learn each step of the process and create something you’ll be able to use at home.

Location and Hours

Firstly, Paddywax has seven locations, including one in Birmingham. The Birmingham location is 216 Summit Blvd., Suite #105. Availability for candle making varies. However, the venue is open multiple days a week. You can book your session online and see what days and times are open. Walk-ins are an option, too, though Paddywax does recommend online reservations.

Cost and Time

When you visit Paddywax to make candles, you will pay $40. This covers the entire pouring process. Three hours after the pouring, your candles will be ready for pickup. Alternatively, you can pay an extra $12 for shipping, and your candle will arrive at your home. For at-home candle-making, you will pay $55 per kit for one to 20 kits. It’s $50 per kit for 21 to 49 kits and $45 a kit for 50 or more kits.

You can expect to spend 35 to 45 minutes making your candle. It will then take a few hours for the candles to cool. After you pour your candle, you will have time to shop in the store. Additionally, you will have a 20% discount on retail items here.

The At-home Process

If you prefer, you can make Paddywax candles at home. Start by booking a time online. When doing this, remember that Paddywax requires four to six weeks of lead time. You will then choose from a wide range of candles. Then you can pick a vessel and choose one of the many fragrances. Afterward, Paddywax will ship your candle-making supplies to your home. You will then get a virtual meeting link so you can make your candle. You can use an instructional video or book live instruction to make your candle.

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Your Candle-making Kit

Whether you come into the store or make your candle at home, you will get a kit with everything you need. Firstly, the kit has the candle vessel of your choice, along with the fragrance oil you want. You’ll get 100% soy wax flakes and cotton wicks too. Thirdly, your kit will have a stainless steel pitcher, a food-safe thermometer, and simple instructions that will take you through each process step.

Create a nice-smelling, gorgeous candle on your own. Set aside some time to make candles with the help of the team at Paddywax. Book your visit today.

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