Get A Maintenance Routine For Your Car

Oil change - fill up with new oil

It’s probably hard to imagine living without a reliable car. If you’re like most people in Birmingham, you depend on a vehicle virtually every day for work, family, and personal needs. However, if you don’t pay close attention to your car’s well-being, you could soon discover that it’s having performance issues. Moreover, you could soon be paying for expensive repairs or stranded because it won’t run. Fortunately, with a few services, your car can be in good condition for years and miles ahead.

Check the Tire Pressure

The tires on your vehicle have a big job. If the tires wear out, they won’t grip the road well. Consequently, this could cause you to slide or make it difficult to stop. Thus, when tires are not inflated properly, you could be at risk of having a blowout. Other issues from over- or under-inflated tires include poor road handling and ineffective stopping. Therefore, it’s vital to check the tire pressure regularly. This is typically between 32 and 35 pounds per square inch. Make sure you use a tire pressure gauge to do this. Doing so weekly is a good rule.

Pay Attention to the Oil level

The oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. The engine will not function without clean oil, and there will be poor lubrication in your car. Moving parts will grind on one another without oil. As the oil gets old and dirty, your car will sputter and perform poorly. There are a few things you can do to prevent these issues. Firstly, check the oil level regularly, preferably weekly. If you’re low on oil, top it off.

Secondly, you should change the oil about every 6,000 to 7,500 miles. A professional can do this if you lack the time and experience. Oil changes not only improve the engine’s performance, but this maintenance can also help with fuel economy.

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Wash Your Car

All car owners should recognize the importance of regularly washing their vehicles. However, many people only see this task as keeping the vehicles looking nice. But consistently cleaning a car has more benefits. For example, a clean car will prevent rusting and corrosion to the body. Vacuuming the interior can reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth. Wash and wax your car weekly. Thoroughly vacuum the upholstery and floor once a week as well. These actions can also improve the resale value of your vehicle if you’re planning on selling or trading it.

Never underestimate the need to take good care of your car. Follow these tips to enjoy a good performance in your vehicle. You should also bring it to the service team at Brannon Honda in Birmingham, Alabama, for any maintenance or repairs.

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