Put Your Golf Swing To The Test At Cinderella Story

feet of girls playing golf.

Have you ever dreamt of a place that offered a golf simulator and food? Well, your dream just came true in Downtown Birmingham. Located in Avondale, Cinderella Story offers all of the above for you and your friends and family to enjoy. Yes, there are golf simulators at retail golf shops, but none that serve food and provide entertainment for everyone. Think of Cinderella Story like an arcade but solely focused on golf!

The Golf Simulator

It’s not a course but it does make for some good practice! The golf simulator allows you to swing a club just like you would at Top Golf, but without actually hitting a ball. You will get the opportunity to see the distance your ball went, the speed at which you swung, and many other statistics that are important to a golfer. The simulator tends to be pretty accurate when it comes to these numbers as well. So grab your clubs, your friends, and head Downtown for a fun night out.

The Lounge

While your friends are teeing off you might want to step back for safety reasons. Cinderella Story offers a very comfortable lounge for you to socialize while someone is swinging. Not only is this for safety but it’s also to give you an area to be comfortable if you choose you don’t want to play or swing.

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How it Works

With a place like this, there are some rules to keep everyone safe and having fun. The following are Cinderella Story Clubhouse Rules to ensure everyone stays having a good time for the whole duration of their reservation.

  1. Personal Clubs are encouraged. Your clubs are the ones you’re comfortable with. Bring them and play your best!
  2. No food or drinks are allowed on the green. Help keep the space clean!
  3. One person allowed on the green at a time. For safety reasons, Cinderella Story only allows the player who is swinging to be on the green. This will prevent a concussion, broken bone, or black eye.
  4. No Pets Allowed – Although pets are allowed at Cinderella Story’s next door neighbor, Avondale Brewing Company, they are not allowed here. This is for safety, cleanliness and to ensure you have the best time.
  5. Alert the staff to pause, stop, or change the game . To keep the simulators running smoothly and working, Cinderella Story has designated staff that will operate the simulator when needed.

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