Explore Red Mountain Park This Chilly Season

Young Woman Walks Her Dog in Park

As the colder weather swarms in, it is about that time to enjoy the outdoors without dripping sweat. Most people prefer to hike and do outdoor park activities when the weather is a little more on the chilly and breezy side. Therefore, Red Mountain Park is a great spot to find yourself at if you are ready to enjoy the crisp air, and cool breeze!

Why the Name

You may be wondering one thing about the park and that is its name and why it is named after the color red. This particular characteristic about Red Mountain Park has to do with history! While Alabama was in the midst of becoming a state, a few native hunter and foreign travelers came across this red dust that seemed to stain everything that it touched or came into contact with. The red dust was actually a residue that was left from a type of Iron Ore which was far beneath the mountain surface. The natives quickly found and discovered multiple uses for this red dust that gave color to everything it touched. They used this red dust to obviously dye clothing, decorate their pottery, and mark their bodies for traditional ceremonies and battles.

Take A Trail

Just like most parks, Red Mountain Park has a variety of trails that you can venture on. They have hiking trails that are about 15 miles long and seem to have no destination, destination trails that lead you to treehouses, the dog park and 2 different overlooks, and biking trails that have tougher terrain that is made for bicycles. The thing that makes Red Mountain Park unique is that there are Historical Mining sites you can also hike to to explore the Iron Ore that gives Red Mountain Park its name!

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Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend

When exploring outside, it can be hard to leave your furry friend behind knowing that they will love the activity as much as you do. Therefore, you can bring your best pal on a hike with you or even take them to Remy’s Dog Park which is located and part of Red Mountain Park as well. The dog park is made of six acres that has tons of shaded areas, benches, and open space for activities like fetch and running. The dog park also has designated areas for small versus large dogs so your pup can play with dogs its own size!

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