Find an Air Freshener to Fit Your Car

Car air freshener mounted to ventilation panel.

One of the best things about driving off in your brand-new car is the new car smell. And many people try hard to keep that smell going for as long as possible. But eventually, the smell fades, and sometimes the scents that replace it aren’t so good. Learn how you can find the right air freshener to fit your car that will do the job.

Your Air Freshener Goals

To figure out which air fresheners fit you and your car the best, you first need to decide your goal. You might have cleaned your car top to bottom and detailed every inch but still can’t beat that pesky off smell. Then, an odor eliminator might be best for you. However, if you want to introduce a pleasant aroma in your car, a freshener that releases a scent is your go-to.

Visible or Hidden

Some people love the colorful designs of car air fresheners and love to display them. Some manufacturers even make them in the shape of flowers or decorative disks that sit on the dashboard or affix to the air vent. Other deodorizers and air fresheners sit in inconspicuous places, like under the seat or in a pocket in the door. As tastes change, air fresheners come in elegant and minimalist designs that stick to your visor or blend in with your dashboard.

Disposable vs. Refillable Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners can’t last forever. Eventually, the scent fades, and you’ll need to replace it. The most inexpensive car air fresheners are often simple cardboard shapes soaked in scents designed to hang from something in your car, like the rearview mirror. But other air fresheners are more durable. These car fresheners often use an insert that you need to replace periodically. The great thing about this style of air freshener is that you can keep the same housing and change out the fragrance whenever you feel like a new scent. Some companies even offer subscription services that will send you the scent of your choosing when it’s time to change them out, so your car is always smelling lovely.

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What to Do If a Bad Smell Won’t Go Away

Sometimes, a bad smell lingers, no matter how good your air freshener is. And some smells are signs that your car might need maintenance or immediate attention. For example, if you smell something like burning carpet, that’s a sign your brakes need attention. And an oil leak also gives off a distinctive smell. If you smell burning rubber or gasoline often, those are also signs that it’s time to talk to your service technician. At Brannon Honda in Birmingham, Alabama, our service department can help you get to the bottom of many car smells. Make an appointment for service today.

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