Get Your Home Prepared For Fall With These DIY Crafts

fall home decorations

Cooler weather and changing leaves mean fall is on the way. Decorating your home in Birmingham, AL, for the season with original crafts is fun. When you create DIY decorations for fall, you get unique décor that you can customize to match your home and tastes. So, get your home ready for fall with these fun and easy DIY crafts.

Fall Leaf Lanterns

Mason jars already feel like a fall item. Therefore, you can add some fall-colored leaves to the jars to create tea light lanterns. Simply use craft glue or mod podge to affix the leaves to the jar in the pattern you like. Once dry, you can add your battery-powered or real tea light for a lovely fall glow. Alternatively, use your fall leaf jar to arrange cut fall-colored flowers.

A Natural Garland

Bring the natural beauty of fall indoors with a simple garland. Gather interesting leaves from the outdoors. If you want to preserve them for a while, seal or laminate them, or they will eventually crumble. Then, punch a hole in each leaf and thread it onto a length of twine.

A Fall Wreath

You can buy fall-themed wreaths at the store, but why not try crafting your own? Grab a wreath form from the craft store. Then, add burlap, fall-themed ribbon, leaves, flowers, and decorative gourds or ears of corn. Show off your handiwork on your front door.

DIY Potpourri

Making your own potpourri bowl is simple. Dry citrus peels and combine them with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, cloves, and essential oils to make a sweet and spicy potpourri that looks and smells nice.

A Fireplace Banner

Decorate your fireplace and mantel with a fall banner. You can use burlap and fabric in fall colors to create a banner that will brighten the whole room. For the material, you can use scraps or rags and tie them onto the string, then attach the burlap squares. You might even want to paint letters onto the burlap in a cheery fall message.

Cinnamon Stick Candles

You can also dress up your humdrum candles with cinnamon sticks. Use an unscented, vanilla, or cinnamon-scented pillar candle. Then, attach the cinnamon sticks around the candle with hot glue or ribbons to give your old candle new life and add fall beauty to your table or mantel.

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Painted Pumpkins

There are so many interesting pumpkins and gourds at the stores this time of year, and you don’t want to carve into all of them. You can leave them as they are and arrange them nicely or break out the paints and decorate them. This is an activity that children will love too. Use a stencil to paint designs, or freehand it and create original designs.

Fall is the perfect time to get crafty. So, channel your inner artist with these fun DIY projects that anyone can do.

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