Birmingham Escape Rooms – Try Something New

Whether you’re stepping off a plane after a long flight or just leaving work on a Friday afternoon, there’s no better feeling than escape. Here in Birmingham, friends and families have teamed up to test their wits in challenging escape rooms. These real-life puzzle games “trap” small groups in locked rooms, tasking them to gather clues and find solutions before time runs out. If you haven’t tried one of these mind-testing escape rooms yet, you have two exciting local options.


At Locked In on 7th Avenue South, groups of two to eight people must work together to solve inventive puzzles within 60 minutes.  Four rooms each offer a uniquely immersive experience, from an ominous warehouse to an abandoned classroom. You may find yourself deciphering riddles on a dusty chalkboard or disarming missiles on the bridge of a battleship, with all the atmosphere and suspense of a summer blockbuster. USA Today even ranked Locked In as one of the top five escape rooms in America.


In Homewood, Breakout Games opens its doors to seven different situations before locking them behind you. The truly adventurous may find themselves trapped in an eerie mansion or pilfering treasures in a covert museum heist. There are no lone wolves in these ticking-clock scenarios–the clever puzzles and cryptic clues will require teamwork from first-time participants and seasoned escape artists alike. You’ll have to put your problem-solving skills and perception to the test to make it out in 60 minutes.

Everyone has to work together to make it out, so both of these escape rooms have become go-to team-building games.

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