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Plan Your Next Visit to Alabama Splash Adventure Today!

Brother and sister having fun at Alabama Splash Adventure
It can get pretty hot during the summer in Alabama. That cannot be stated enough. On some days, it’s like the sun has fallen from the sky and has made a new home on I-459, heating up everything around it. Even so, while you could put your air conditioner on... [read more]

Make the Perfect Iced Tea for a Warm Summer Day!

A jug and four glasses of fresh homemade ice tea
A nice, cool glass of ice tea is one of the most refreshing things you can drink during a hot summer day. However, making it right is an art in itself. Do it a just a little incorrectly and it can end up being either too sweet, too bland, or... [read more]

Plans to Make in Birmingham This Coming Summer Vacation

You don't have to take a trip far away. There is plenty to do in and around Birmingham this summer. Take a drive just down the road, or take a day trip to a nearby city and find things to do that will make your summer just as fun as... [read more]