Spring Cleaning With The Kids

spring cleaning with kids

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling some spring cleaning with your kiddos, check out these tips for manageable ways to clean up with the little ones.

Start Small

Kate Varnass of Green Light Organizing suggests focusing on the areas that will have the biggest effect, such as the toy bin, closets, or playroom. By setting small goals that are within reach you’ll keep everyone on track and limit meltdowns. In the end, everyone will feel more accomplished. If it doesn’t all get done, don’t sweat it. Make a plan to tackle what remains, and consider implementing a weekly or monthly tidying schedule with the kids to prevent clutter build up.

Everything Has A Place

When everything has a place, you and the kids will know where to put belongings and toys when its time to clean up. You’ll still have to remind them to tidy up, but they’ll feel much more able to accomplish the task when they know where things go. This way, your child can pick up without your direct supervision. Let your child help you decide where the toys should be, then label shelves, bins, baskets, etc. with words or pictures.

Donate Old Items

When you can teach your children to pass along their gently used belongings to those in need, cleaning up becomes an act of service, too. Explain to your kids why giving to others is important, and work together to research where to donate specific items like taking blankets and towels to dog shelters, and toys and clothes to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.

Make It Fun

When the boring job becomes a fun game, it goes faster and doesn’t feel like work. And, quick bits of tidying up prevents hours of organizing messes later. Put on your kids’ favorite music or set a timer and make it a race to see who can pick up the fastest. If you’d like, you can offer a prize to whoever wins the most cleaning games throughout the day.

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