Purge Your Closet Like A Pro With These Tips

Cropped shot of a young woman packing away clean laundry at home

Has your closet gotten messier than you care to admit? It’s OK; it happens to many of us. After all, your closet is where you put all the stuff that you can’t find a place for. But at some point, you might be ready to clean it out to have more space. Organization can make you feel more put together, and it’ll be easier to find things as well. If you have trouble getting rid of stuff, read on. These tips will help you get rid of the stuff you don’t need in your closet in no time!

Get Rid of Anything That Doesn’t Fit

This one should be obvious, but sometimes, it’s difficult to do. Try on all the clothes you wear, and ask yourself if each item actually fits you. Don’t think about whether it will fit you in a month from now or a year from now – just see if it fits in this moment. If it doesn’t, you’re better off clearing it from your closet. That way, you will have room for the clothes you actually do wear on a regular basis.

Give Away Items You Don’t Like

Sure, some of your clothes may fit… but do you actually like everything that’s in your closet? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no. So, why keep it around if you don’t even like it? Be honest with yourself about items you don’t like, and don’t hold onto them just because they’re there. This also counts for items that were gifted to you that you never liked in the first place. You can be grateful for the gift without letting it clutter your closet.

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Purge Items You Will Wear Only Once

There are some clothes that you love, but you simply never have the occasion to wear them. Think about the super-fancy cocktail dress that you love… even though you never go to those types of parties anymore. You can tell yourself that you may have an opportunity to wear these items again, but in reality, there’s a good chance that you won’t. If you can’t think of more than one instance in which you might want to wear that piece of clothing, you’re probably better off without it.

It can certainly be hard getting rid of stuff that’s been in your closet for a long time. But if you approach it methodically and with a purpose, you’ll soon find that your closet is as clean as can be.