Honda Making Airbags for Smartphones?

Honda Phone Case Airbag
With smartphone prices continuously rising, it's very important that owners take care of their devices. As a matter of fact, a single drop on the floor can already shatter the touchscreen and deem it useless; what more can a high intensity drop do. Unfortunately, a case doesn't really do much;... [read more]

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid vs 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

What would happen if you took the superb quality and value that comes with the Honda name; added a flagship sedan with an outstanding track record, gorgeous looks and proven ability; only to throw in a heaping amount of the most advanced fuel-saving technology? Sounds like the stuff of legend right?... [read more]

Bend Your Mind with These Optical Illusion Honda Ads

large black and white honda logo
Honda's new whimsical ad campaign puts on a show with the new CR-V. Setting up a series of illusions, the CR-V, and the people around it maneuver in and out of unexpected places, and objects, tricking the viewer's mind at every turn. The stylish and cunning CR-V effortlessly plays off the... [read more]

Honda Shows Off Driverless Valet Parking Systems

large black and white honda logo
Imagine pulling up to a nearly packed parking lot in the middle of the holiday season. You haven't even braved the crowds, and you're sick to your stomach already, having taken a few laps around the parking lot, not to mention wasted valuable shopping time. Sounds like the stuff of... [read more]

A Closer Look at the 2014 Honda CR-V

Birmingham drivers looking for the value of a sedan and the versatility of an SUV can have it all in the 2014 Honda CR-V. This crossover gives drivers the best of both worlds with reliability, safety, great handling, and interior acreage for the family, plus ultimate utility for those on... [read more]