The New 2013 Honda Civic EX Benefits from a Makeover

The new 2013 Honda Civic has finally caught up to its competition in the compact car class. With its extraordinary value and pleasant drivability the 2013 Civic has finally made its mark. The complete redesign was just last year but was revealed with little excitement. Honda took its criticism seriously... [read more]

Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer – Three Row SUV Comparison

honda pilot or ford explorer
Which is better: The Ford Explorer or Honda Pilot? A Recent Kelly Blue Book Comparison Gave the 2013 Honda Pilot the Edge Over the Ford Explorer If you are in the market for a mid-size SUV then you may want to look no further than the 2013 Honda Pilot. In a recent... [read more]

2013 Accord Video Review

Check out this video review of the 2013 Honda Accord from Brannon Honda Before coming in to test drive the 2013 Accord, check out our video review. You'll see the Accord's interior, exterior and under the hood in high quality video. Watch this video and you'll see the i-Mid... [read more]