The Future of Electric: Honda Insight Prototype

honda insight

You’ve been waiting for the future of the electric vehicle, and now the future is almost here. Honda has announced the 2019 Honda Insight prototype, and it’s a game-changer. Take everything you think you know about electric cars and throw it away: The future is almost here, and it is far different from anything you could have expected. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

The Future is Spacious

What is the number-one complaint people have about hybrids? They’re cramped. If you’re too tall, it’s hard to slide behind the wheel, and people with wide shoulders don’t fit very well.

Well, that was then, and this is now. The 2019 Honda Insight prototype is spacious and comfortable, changing the way people ride in hybrids. Not only can this vehicle fit up to five people comfortably; the 60/40 rear folding seats mean you can even haul a carload with you. That means you can take your kid’s drum set to school or do a carpool to the Birmingham Zoo without burning up much gas. Who knew a hybrid could be so roomy?

The Future is Gorgeous

Hybrids look funny, don’t they? They look like little tiny smart cars, rolling around the roads. Well, that was true in the past, but check out the 2019 Honda Insight prototype. It boasts a refined exterior that includes a low, wide stance and sleek design. The sharp lines give it character, and the sweeping roofline makes quite the statement. People will likely buy this vehicle on looks alone and be happy to also get the improved gas mileage. When’s the last time anyone bought a hybrid for looks? The future really is going to be different.

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The Future is High Tech

Birmingham traffic is a beast. Whether you’re going to Topgolf or one of the other attractions, you can expect to sit in some traffic. That means you need some technology to keep you entertained. While some hybrids are low tech, that’s far from the truth with the 2019 Honda Insight prototype. This vehicle proves that technology is just going to keep getting bigger and more powerful. It has cool features like customizable app tiles and Wi-Fi enabled system updates. It also has some cool safety technology, such as the Traffic Sign Recognition System.

The future might not be here yet, but you wouldn’t know it if you visited Brannon Honda in Birmingham, Alabama. We might still be waiting for the 2019 Honda Insight to make its debut, but we have lots of futuristic options that will make you feel like you’re driving right into the future. By using the best in materials and technology, we provide our customers with innovative vehicles that perform under various conditions. Stop by and take one out for a spin today.