What to Expect When You Go to Topgolf in Birmingham


You’ve probably heard people talk about Topgolf in Birmingham. This facility lets you play golf with your friends without all that walking around you have to do at the golf course. You hit microchipped balls at a target, and the closer you get, the more points you score. Since this is a relatively new concept, you probably have a few questions before you go. Here’s what you need to know before your first Topgolf outing.

Reserve a Bay

If you don’t want to risk a long wait, then you need to reserve a bay to play Topgolf. Reserve a bay online so you’ll be ready to go when you arrive. Each bay accommodates up to eight people, but only six can play at once. You might need to pay a reservation fee of up to $50 when you reserve the bay, or you might not have to pay anything at all. It all depends on the day and time of the reservation. You’ll pay the hourly fee and for any food and drinks you consume when you arrive at the venue.

Use a Ride-Sharing Service

Parking can be crazy at Topgolf. Valet is available, but if you’d rather park yourself, you might have to park up the block. Instead of messing with parking, use a ride-sharing service. Uber or Lyft will drop you off at the door, and you can have someone come back and get you later. Just install the app, order your ride, and it’ll be there in no time.

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Explore Uptown

Topgolf is located in the trendy Uptown area, so you might as well explore it after your game of golf. Grab a bite to eat and a drink at The Southern Kitchen and Bar, or catch a show at the BJCC while you’re in the area. You can also stop by a pub, grab some coffee, or even go to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. Then, when you’re finished, you can contact Uber or Lyft to take you back home. It’ll be a full day when you get finished.

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