The Rougaroux is Bringing Authentic New Orleans Po’Boys to Birmingham

The Rougaroux Po'Boy

If you want an authentic New Orleans’ po’boy, you have to go to New Orleans, right? That used to be true, but it’s changed thanks to The Rougaroux. This new Birmingham restaurant is bringing authentic po’boys to Alabama, so you don’t have to travel to the bayou for the best po’boy you’ve ever had.

Delicious Po’Boys in a Little Pink House

The Rougaroux is located in what was formally the Pink House Café. Now, you can stop in to get some tasty New Orleans cuisine in the little pink house. The restaurant has Cajun po’boys and gumbo along with an authentic New Orleans vibe. It just opened, but it’s already receiving rave reviews for the Oyster Rockefeller po’boy, smoked chicken and andouille gumbo, and boudin. Plus, it uses Leidenheimer bread, so you know this eatery is serious about providing an authentic New Orleans experience. Talk about tasty.

The Beer Is Here!

If you came during the soft open, you might have noticed that it was BYOB. Don’t worry though. The Rougaroux has its liquor license now, so you can order up a brew when you dine in. The restaurant has the staples, such as Bud and Bud Light, but it also has some cool beers as well. Plus, you can get some liquor and frozen drinks here. You know that alcohol is a big part of the New Orleans experience, and it goes great with a po’boy and some gumbo.

Stop by During Third Friday in Forest Park

You can come by for lunch or dinner any day of the week, but consider stopping by during Third Friday in Forest Park. This after-hours experience is a favorite for people in the Forest Park area. Places don’t just stay open later. Local artists turn the establishments’ bathrooms into works of art. This is called Tour de Loo, and it is seriously cool. The works of art are judged, and the winner gets a $300 prize.

You are going to go back and forth to this restaurant over and over again, and you need some wheels that will get you there without any problems. Stop by Brannon Honda in Birmingham, Alabama, and pick up a new ride. Your new Honda will get you to lunch, dinner, and everywhere else you want to go. You can even take your new ride to New Orleans and compare the po’boys. You will see that The Rougaroux delivers on its promise of providing diners with an authentic po’boy.