As Warm Weather Approaches, Protect Your Honda from the Sun

Honda Sun BirminghamGet ready to tackle the warmer weather of spring and summer by taking some steps to protect your vehicle from the sun. If you aren’t careful with your Honda, the sun’s rays can fade the paint or even the interior upholstery. At the very least, it can make black seats very hot and metal objects, like your seat belt buckle, even hotter. Follow these simple steps to protect your Honda from the sun, and you will be glad you did.

Check the Mechanicals

Most people think of the exterior of their Honda when talking about protection from the sun, but the mechanical components can also face problems. Take the time to confirm that you have enough coolant and that the belts and hoses are in good working order. Don’t forget to check the engine oil, as well, since an engine without enough coolant or oil will be quick to overheat when the sun is shining brightly.

Protect the Interior

An easy way to keep the interior of your Honda safe from the sun is investing in a reflectorized panel that you place by the windshield. This will reduce your car’s interior temperature and protect the materials from damage. It prevents materials from being bleached or photodegraded. Consider also investing in some seat covers, at least during the sunniest months of the year. For those with leather seats in their Honda, use leather conditioner, which counters the sun’s ability to diminish the natural oils in the leather.

Find Shady Parking

The best way to protect the exterior of your Honda from the bright sun and its UV rays is to park in the shade. If you have a covered parking option, take advantage of it, even if it costs a little extra. If there isn’t designated covered parking, try finding a nice shady tree, but one without falling leaves or dripping sap. If you plan to leave your Honda sitting without driving it for a little bit in the summer, consider using a car cover to protect it.

For more tips on protecting your Honda in the sunniest months of the year or for help undoing the damage caused by the sun, visit Brannon Honda’s service center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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