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See Why Automatic Seafood Is A Real Award Winner

Plate of Scallops and Asparagus over Risotto
Automatic Seafood opened its doors in 2019 setting the dream of owners Adam Evans and Suzanne Humphries Evans into motion. The Birmingham restaurant aims to pay homage to coastal regions through its décor and menu. Open for dinner every night and brunch on weekends, here are some options for you... [read more]

Set The Standard This Valentine’s With Hot and Hot Fish Club

Chef adding the final flourish on dish
Do you tend to swing and miss when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day? This year, you can set a new standard by taking your date to Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham. It’s been a Birmingham institution for close to three decades and continues to thrive in its... [read more]

Visit the Top Three Birmingham Restaurants in Your New 2015 Honda Accord

  Visit three of the best restaurants in Birmingham, AL in your new 2015 Honda Accord. Not only will you be arriving in style, but you’ll be riding in comfort and enjoying efficiency. Read on to learn about the top three Birmingham restaurants. Chez Fonfon One of the many restaurants of Birmingham’s favorite chef Frank... [read more]