Prevent The Sun From Damaging Your Vehicle

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The sun is the ultimate source of life, but it is also a source of damage. While the sun can burn your skin, did you also know that it can damage your car, specifically the paint job? Just how you protect your skin from the sun, NAPA has some tips for car owners to help protect their vehicles from the sun’s damaging rays. While these tips are important for every car owner, those who live in the south or partially sunny climates will greatly benefit.

Wash Your Car

While this may seem simple, NAPA points out how important it is to keep your car clean. A clean vehicle is a vehicle that is protected from contaminants from chemically bonding with the paint. When you notice bugs or bird droppings, for example, you should clean them as soon as you can. This will avoid your paint and the contaminants from essentially baking together and causing them to etch into the finish. You can wash your car with a quick detailer or good old soap and water.

Apply Wax

Applying wax to your car is for more than getting the finish to shine. Wax can actually provide protection from Ultra Violet Rays much like sunscreen. Apply the wax thoroughly after washing and drying your vehicle. You should also apply wax periodically to further protect your car. NAPA recommends a polymer-based wax as opposed to the traditional carnauba-based wax because it will last longer and is easier to work with.

Give Your Car Some Shade

This might be the simplest sounding tip yet, however, it is an impactful one. Parking your car in a garage or a covered driveway will help protect your vehicle from direct light. If you live in the south or other sunny and hot climates, this will be especially beneficial to you. Parking your car undercover also helps to protect it from contaminants depending on the level of cover your vehicle has.

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Going Over Your Car with a Clay Bar

For any hard to-get-out contaminants, try a clay bar. Where soap, water, and a washcloth might fail, a clay bar will remove any contaminants that are stubbornly not going away. You should go over your car with a clay bar as soon as you notice a hard-to-remove containment, just like with washing your car.

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