Is The Heat In Your Car Working This Winter?

During much of the year, you probably don’t think much about the heater in your vehicle. However, you’ll certainly notice if the heater isn’t doing its job on cold winter days. Therefore, it’s better to ensure that the heater is ready to work well for you come December and January. When the heater is working effectively, you can feel comfortable as you drive and ride. However, if the heater is having issues, being in the car can be miserable. Fortunately, there are ways to identify and repair heater problems.

Thermostat Problems

Firstly, the thermostat of the heating system plays a vital role. If it’s broken or faulty, don’t expect the temperature to be where you need it this winter. Problems will arise if the thermostat is stuck closed or open, preventing it from regulating the car’s temperature.

Low Antifreeze or Coolant

Another common cause for heating concerns is when you don’t have enough antifreeze or coolant in the vehicle. If these levels go down, the hot fluid won’t get to the heater core, which will keep the car cold. For example, you may not have put in the fluid correctly, or the engine may be working overtime, causing it to overheat.

Dying Heater Fan

Other issues can prevent you from having a warm vehicle this winter. For instance, if there is enough antifreeze in the heater core, but you don’t feel any heat coming out, the dryer heat fan could be faulty. A professional mechanic can assess what is wrong and replace the necessary parts. It may be as simple as having an electrical short.

The Radiator Is Leaking

The radiator in your vehicle is a crucial component. For instance, it can affect how well your heater is working this coming season. It is not unusual for the radiator to leak. This could keep the coolant from reaching the heater core. Thus, warm air won’t blow into the car’s cabin. However, a worse consequence could result too. Radiator leaks can cause expensive engine damage.

The Heater Core Is Clogged

Next, you may be looking at clogs in the heater core. This can happen when dust, debris, and other materials get into the heating and cooling system. Alternatively, sometimes a rusted radiator can cause clogs in the heater core. If this happens, you will likely have to replace the heater.

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Issues at the Controls

Electrical problems in the HVAC controls could be the culprit as to why your heater isn’t working. It’s possible that the knobs and touchscreen buttons aren’t sending signals to the heating system to turn on and do its job. There could be a short or broken dial.

Be aware of these heating problems this winter. If you aren’t getting warm air in your car, bring the vehicle to Brannon Honda in Birmingham, AL. Our service team can identify how this is happening and repair it.

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