10 Parallels Between Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham, UK

Skyline of downtown Birmingham, Alabama

Many may not know, but Birmingham, Alabama was named after Birmingham, UK. Although there aren’t really any similarities when you first look at the two cities, there are a lot of interesting in-depth parallels between the two. These are ten of the most interesting parallels between Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham, UK.

The Blue Box Companions

The Doctor Who and British television fan club meets once a month in Birmingham. They meet in the Homewood Public Library, and start at 2:30 on the second Saturday of each month. They welcome all ages.

Wedgwood Pottery

The Birmingham Museum of Art at 2000 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. boulevard has one of the largest collections of Wedgwood pottery outside of the U.K.

Todd English’s P.U.B

This location is owned and run by Todd English. P.U.B. stands for “public urban bar”, and the location resembles modern interpretations of traditional English pub items.

Etiquette School of Birmingham

This location offer one hour courses for adults and youths that want to gain skills in making first impressions. This school will even come to you and set up and serve afternoon tea at your home.

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

This interesting museum features British Lotus sport cars. If you do end up purchasing a British car you can get checkups at Paul’s British Cars in Leeds.

English Abbey

The famous Broadway producer, Louise Beard, loves English agriculture so much that she spent around $3 million to recreate an English abbey in Redmont.

Birmingham Vulcans Rugby

Established in 1967, the Birmingham Vulcans Rugby club has teams for everyone no matter your age or skill level.

Alabama Pipes and Drums

This band is based out of Birmingham and was found in 1994 under the name “Birmingham Society of Piping.” They place high priority on educating the public about the deep roots of the Celtic culture.

Jane Austin Society

This society meets five times a year and has about 40 members. It is open to anyone who is interested in Jane Austen. They are a part of the Jane Austen Society of North America

Alabama Shakespeare Festival

This festival includes not only Shakespeare plays, but also plays like Elvis: The Early Years and Mary Poppins.


The two areas aren’t so different after all, right? These parallels between two cities are a fun addition to Birmingham. Drive to all of them to get a feel for the British way of life. On your way, be sure to visit Brannon Honda for all of your vehicle needs.

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