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How To Maintain Your AC System This Summer

How To Maintain Your AC System This Summer
It is getting awfully hot outside, so you are relying on your car’s air conditioning quite a bit. You do not want it to let you down this summer, so maintenance is a must. Jiffy Lube offers some excellent AC system maintenance tips for this summer and beyond. Run the AC... [read more]

Do You Need To Replace Your Air Filter?

Passenger Car cabin air filter with dirt.
Before air reaches your car’s cabin, it has to pass through the cabin air filter. The air filter is similar to the one in your house. It filters out particles, including pollen, so your cabin air is clean and nice to breathe. However, it can’t do its job if it’s... [read more]

Do You Need To Check Your Brake Fluid?

For optimal safety when driving, you need your car serviced regularly. As part of maintenance, a qualified technician will change the oil, check the hoses and belts, rotate the tires, and change the brake fluid if needed. Enjoy a Smooth and Safe Ride Some things included in regular maintenance improve how smoothly... [read more]