Light Up The Night At Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland This Holiday

Stylish christmas golden star

Do you and your family love looking at Christmas lights as the holiday approaches? Maybe your neighborhood goes all out, or you take a trip to another neighborhood to admire the lights there. If you are looking for a way to revamp your Christmas light exploration, you have to visit Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland this holiday. Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland takes great pride in putting on an extravagant drive thru light show that is synced arithmetically to music that comes directly from your radio.

Sit Back, Relax & Light Up the Night

The best part of Shadrack’s is that it is a drive thru. Therefore, there is not tons of walking, enduring cold temperatures, and most importantly, it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the show right from the comfort of your vehicle. Wear your PJ’s, grab thermoses of hot chocolate, and turn your radio to the designated station and watch as Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland lights up the night as you drive right on through.

Lights Synced to Music

Around the holidays, there are thousands of radio channels that direct orchestra’s of lights around the city due to this method of display being popular. Shadrack’s ensures a large, extravagant display, that goes with the theme of the music being played as well. Each song and each display is coordinated at Shadrack’s, completing the ultimate goal of communicating each song’s meaning.

Award Winning Light Show

Shadrack’s has been an award winning light show for several years now. Let this be a motivator to take you and your family to experience Shadrack’s first hand. Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland has won, 2009 & 2010 LIGHT-O-RAMA BEST COMMERCIAL DISPLAY, 2008 PLANET CHRISTMAS “OVER THE TOP” AND “ALL LED” WINNER, 2007 LIGHT-O-RAMA GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

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List of Songs

On Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland website, you can see the list of songs that are usually played during the display. There is a wide variety and most of the songs are popular and traditional Christmas Carols giving each family the opportunity to sing -along without having the words in front of them.

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