Secrets to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

New Year 2018 Resolution Check List

If you don’t see your New Year’s resolutions through, you are far from alone. Americans love to make resolutions, but following through is another story. Around half of Americans come up with a resolution or two, but only eight percent keep them.

What sets that eight percent apart? They know how to use a system that works, and now, you can learn how too.

Define Your Goals

People tend to set broad goals for their New Year’s resolutions. They say they’re going to get in shape or be more social, but they fail to define what that means.

Set SMART goals. These goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

If you set SMART goals, your goals will be easy to define.

Measure Your Progress

Tracking is a good way to stay motivated. By tracking your goals, you’ll see the progress you make. You’ll also be able to determine if you get stuck. Then, you can fix the problem. Just make sure you are patient during the tracking process. Some people make fast progress and then hit plateaus, while others have slow, steady, and consistent progress. Understand that everyone is different, so don’t get frustrated.

Share Your Goals

Your family and friends can provide you with much-needed support during your journey. Let them know what you’re trying to achieve. Then, they can cheer you on from the sidelines. Some might even join you. Think about how much more enjoyable those trips to the gym will be when you have some friends by your side.

Create a Schedule

You’re more likely to do something when it’s a part of your schedule. Don’t just tell yourself you’ll do it when you have time. Schedule it so you know exactly when you need to work on achieving your goal. Your new goal should be your biggest priority as you move into 2018.

Give Up All or Nothing Thinking

Many people think they have to be perfect or there’s no sense in doing anything. That means if they do something that’s not in alignment with their goals, they give up entirely. It’s time to say goodbye to all or nothing thinking. It’s always better to do something than nothing, and if you slip up, you can get right back on track.

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