Play A Game At Topgolf

Golfer at driving range

The sun is beating down in Birmingham, making it hard to get in a full 18 holes on an outdoor golf course. However, you can get your golf fix without the heat by playing at Topgolf. The facility provides microchipped golf balls, clubs, and targets for you to hit. It’s such a fun experience and fun for all ages and skill levels.

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Games at Topgolf

When you arrive at Topgolf, a staff member will escort you to your bay, and that’s when the fun begins. Head over to your bay’s screen and enter all the players’ names. Then you’ll get to choose a game to play.

As you move through the games, you’ll notice that they’re categorized by skill level. Topgolf is the ideal game for beginners. You’ll earn points if you hit any of the targets during the game. Now, if you’re a skilled golfer, you can rack up the points by focusing on distance and accuracy. Each target has a bullseye, and if you manage to hit it, you’ll get a big score boost. You’ll also increase your score by hitting the targets located the furthest from the bay. Don’t worry if you don’t have the power, though. You can still earn points by hitting the closest targets.

If you’re a beginner but want a little bit more of a challenge, you can play Topshot Rookie, where you’ll need to hit targets at various distances. Other fun games include Top Scramble and TopChip. As you flip through the games, you can read the descriptions. Then select one and tee up.

Once you finish a game, you can select a new one or replay the same one. If you have some extra time, try out the various games. Each one offers a new type of challenge.

Eating at Topgolf

You can also order food when you play at Topgolf. The waitstaff will take your order and deliver the food to the bay, so you never have to stop playing. The menu is loaded with tasty food, but the Smokehouse Burger stands out. It has barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, and some other goodies, and you’ll eat every bite. Pair it with some tater tots for the ultimate power meal.

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How to Get a Bay at Topgolf

While you can walk up and try to get a bay, Topgolf is extremely popular, meaning you could have a long wait. It’s much easier to reserve a bay ahead of time. When you reserve a bay, let the team know if you have any kids or left-handers in your party. Then they will have the junior or left-handed clubs ready at your bay when you arrive.

Whether you spend your summers golfing or you’re new to the sport, you will fall in love with Topgolf. You can beat the heat and challenge yourself, all while chowing down on delicious food.