Honda HR-V Coming to Birmingham

Honda HR-V Birmingham

Birmingham is proud to welcome one of the stars of the Honda line, the HR-V. Designed to compete in the sub-compact market, the HR-V is designed using the things Honda learned from building the Fit. The difference is that the HR-V is made to be a vehicle that appeals to a different demographic than the Fit: one that enjoys a smaller vehicle, but at the same time wants the type of power and flexibility a crossover gives you. The Honda HR-V is slated to come to Birmingham, AL soon and we anticipate its arrival eagerly. The big question on everyone’s mind is, “How does the HR-V compare to the Fit?”

HR-V or a Fit?

Learning from the Fit’s dominance of the sub-compact market, the HR-V uses the same type of improvements, but extends the usable space by seven inches. The Fit‘s expandable storage that is guaranteed by the foldable seats is also adopted in the HR-V. At first glance the Honda HR-V seems similar to the Fit down to the 1.5L, 130hp engine under the hood. Where it differs is that the HR-V’s design makes it unique in usability. The Fit is designed solely for the sub-compact market, but the HR-V seeks to fill a niche spot between the Fit’s small size and the CR-V‘s family sized outlook. The HR-V gives the dependability and safety features of the fit and combines it with the crossover capability of a CR-V. It’s a crossover for people who prefer smaller vehicles, and will probably invent its own new category of vehicles, the sub-crossover.

The Honda HR-V will get to Birmingham soon and we are eager to see how it runs on our roads. Driving in Birmingham can be a nightmare, but we expect the HR-V to handle it with style and grace. Honda has once again shown that it is dedicated to its customers, taking two of the most popular vehicles and combining them into one that brings out the best of both classes. To try out an HR-V as soon as it gets here, check out Brannon Honda in Birmingham, AL today. You will not be disappointed.

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