Grab A Bite To Eat At Blueroot Café

Cauliflower Bowl with Parsley, Kale and Chickpeas

In the heart of Pepper Place, Downtown Birmingham you will find Blueroot Café. Not only will you find the café but you will also discover several different varieties of delicious, fresh, and nutritious meals. Without sacrificing convivence and waiting an hour or so for a sit-down meal, Blueroot offers fast and Subway-like service, while providing you with nutrient-dense options and meals. Head over for lunch, a quick bite after a workout, or just a quick snack to fuel you for the rest of your day. Everything on the menu is guaranteed to make you feel good without the wait.

About The Food

Blueroot offers seasonal menus that are filled with recipes by James Beard, an award-winning chef. These recipes are crafted to perfection and with love to help enhance the taste and the experience for you. Blueroot is sort of a highlight of what all the local Birmingham farmers have to offer the community. Blueroot also attempts to accommodate those with food restrictions and allergies across their wide variety of menu items so there is something for everyone.

How it All Began

Owner Jennifer Ryan had a vision. She wanted to be able to eat food that was good and good for her but with the convenience factor added. She said in Alabama, during the year 2019, that was hard to find. Jennifer grew up in California, where eating fresh, pure, and whole foods were the only thing she knew. Therefore, she had a real culture shock when she moved to the state that was king of fried and fast food. Jennifer and her husband, Mike, fell in love with the city of Birmingham and the people in it, but it was lacking food she liked. Jennifer decided to fill the gap herself, knowing that there had to be more people out there like her. And there you have it – Blueroot was born!

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Produce Packed Menu

The menu, as diverse as it is, is packed with produce-based meals. From salads to protein bowls, and so much more, Blueroot has something for everyone. Not to mention, everything on the menu is completely customizable. So, if you’re not a fan of tomatoes, you don’t have to be. The menu items give you a slight taste of what California food was like for owner, Jennifer Ryan. She incorporated a “California Cobb Salad” and a “Santa Fe Bowl” to bring that taste of home to Birmingham.

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